Why Public Speaking Is Important?

Being Expressive with Public Speaking is Good for Your Child Development

 1 # “Well Spoken”

Being able to say it straight to the point is a huge relieve for your children in expressing what they feel, especially when they feel so much is happening, emotionally, with themselves. Thus, as parents or teachers we might think that they are giving you frustration for being irresponsible and disrespect by the way they behave… but remember—there is certainly a cause and effect for all this.

When you are reading this, you are having similar experience with ANY other parents and teachers on planet earth. So what needed to be understood is the fact that these children are actually feeling uncomfortable since they wanted to express it all at once, the reason they are doing so is  because they are exploring their Concept of Self (although rather “abstractly”).

It’s like pieces of puzzle, really.

The knowledge of Public Speaking brings improvements to your children as they learn to know about themselves better, reduce the tension by them knowing how to outlet their discomfort (anger, sadness, etc) into an understandably courteous way, to be able to perceive problem and solution more clearly, and  most importantly to be able to express themselves, altruistically.



2 # “Feel OK”

Let’s be honest, parents and teachers at school find it easier to relate with children who show good behavior, well-mannered, have courtesy and is responsible as is also humble since it is more acceptable in the society. But frankly, any human being who is at a balance state of mind-body-and soul would feel the same way… they spread POSITIVE vibes. So what does it takes for your children to feel the same? They need to know that it’s OK to be their own self.

Quoted from Indah Soekotjo’s blog (a Professional Image Trainer), according to Brian Tracy there are three key parts of Self Concept;

  • Self Ideal
  • Self Image
  • Self Esteem

From there, they are more eager to receive guidance and to make plans, step by step.


3 # “Street-smart”

They are altruistic, they are unique! They will speak up and stand out in what they are good at, to overcome the fear (even controlling it), to strive and reach their best potentials.

Why? Because being smart or even extraordinarily smart in saying the right word won’t be enough, a good balance of attitude combined with few other elements will be their golden charm as it is naturally imbued as they keep on growing.


Stay blessed in a simple soulful Love,


~ EA & DB ~


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