The Secret Life of Poo(p)

*Coming soon in Bahasa Indonesia

The Secret Life of Poo(p) LIB

As a couple, we always share our health issues and how we exercise in our daily life. We found out that it is very essential for our partner to understand how we feel every single day so they also know how to react when one of us is in our weird mood…

Obviously, that includes… our poo…


During our investigation in daily life since we first fell in love romantically :p we notice how a good and bad poo may alter our emotion for the whole day (yes, it’s a bit crazy to believe, especially when it’s true)

Have you ever had the experience that you need consecutive stops just to finish your business?


But when you finally got in the right place, it just won’t came out as it should…


After doing some research in real life and via articles from health specialist Dr. Axe and Bristol Stool Chart, since it seems there’s something not quite right happen to us as well, here’s what we found :

The variations of poop color has also different meanings… and trust us, it’s not because that they are moody : /

Please remember, these strange occurrences also confirmed if the poo is floating or not naturally solid in its mass (either liquid or too rocky).

what does it take.png

As simple as it sounds, there’s nothing that can beat these three… (PLUS  A REGULAR EXERCISE)

If you’re a creative worker, nightshifter or possibly is fully packed with your working schedules, you may tend to neglect these things as you browse on social media  or interactive games after work (when you supposedly need unwinding, instead!)

There is nothing wrong with having fun, really. But your body requires your primary concern before anything else.

And for that Loveinbalance would like to provide you with several tips on how to make your nature calls feel even more… nicer~

ayu dorian.png

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