Key #2 : Know How to be Mature in a Relationship if Both Immature

HEARTSPIRIT - notagame

“We are having a challenge in our relationship but we intend to fix it… Because we believe in the emotional bond that we already have…”

If the statement above is made by you and your partner, then this article is definitely for both of you to read.

Loveinbalance received questions from friends, co-workers and relatives on relationship, yet surprisingly, the questions itself encourages us in gaining better insights on what has often become the problem in many relationships (which we now deliver to you for a convenient reading).

Many people perceived that relationship is done like having a pair-matching game (but we know it is not true). There are many other more important things to consider before you decide whether to have a serious relationship… or simply just for fun. Since there are only two things that would be the base of your intention, either you are being Mature or Immature about it.

The major cause of problems in a relationship is the immaturity in seeing that the relationship is not a game. To sort it out, we summarize what you can do as an early solution in a relationship:

  • be honest with yourself, then be honest with each other

Please do, you are more able to accept your partner as it is when you are ready and able to accept your own self. Yes, it’s that simple!

  • have the bonding tool: LAUGHTER

Go to a comedy show together, stuff that’s going to make you laugh, stop worrying and start being happy 🙂

  • have your quality time with privacy. Be objective on each other’s situation and condition

Have a quiet time to talk with each other, no need for past case repetition. Set aside from seeking outer advices for now and be present with who you are in the relationship with. Remember, an objective mind would foil a thousand of unnecessary reasons that would only trigger conflicts between you and your partner, and also pave the way for better solutions

  • become friends (again), then become close and become more intimate

There can be no strong relationship without each both of you starting it as good friends


Ask them how they are feeling today, and what you can do to change that if something happens

  • be able to trust each other and get to know each other so well

Without a doubt, it can only happen if you are both willing to be honest and foster togetherness

  • be wiser, understand what you both need to get things done (listen more to each other)

Begin making clear plans if you decide to live together. You don’t necessarily have to have great management skill, by knowing how to make priorities and be consistent in executing the plan would be enough… And then, start doing everything that is needed, one by one, as you both mutually support each other as a couple. It takes two to tango, anyway

  • keep strengthening the bond (such as having a trip together, retreats – but not a superficial trip)

A natural romance is the best romance in a healthy relationship

  • have a lot of faith and allow it to multiply what you do in life within goodness

The main thing is to have a great faith. It may require a little more understanding into a broader sense of mind supported by an active relationship between you and the Source of Life

And of course,

  • share every experience, together

“No one should be in control in the relationship, you both are partners”

Stay blessed in a simple soulful love,

– DB & EA –

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