Key #1 : Communicate Better with Your Partner



Well, have words like these spoken by you or your partner? After several arguments and debate, whether to decide who’s doing what, who should be responsible for what and how it’s supposed to be done… (before eventually repeating the same end of the conversation again that had not been previously resolved completely).

Things like this causes the mind and body tired, as well as the daily stress that is often considered lightly and become a commonplace by many people which actually would only trigger an even greater debate when both are in the state of fatigue and no longer able to become tolerant.

You need to be careful, this misconception is actually originated from erroneous reception when you communicate with each other that is constantly sustained into a snowball effect, which has reduced the clarity in assessing your partner objectively as it is associated with other things that are still in the stage of “preconceived bias” or “premature judgment”. Therefore, there’s no need to be haste.

Apparently, the cause for all this is SELFISHNESS

Personal ego, immaturity, lack of experience due to young age, trauma and many other things that eventually become fear and dishonesty in undergoing a relationship, triggers the inability to become neither a good listener nor a good messenger.

We do understand this is a sensitive area in a person’s character, so here’s what you can do for your next step in building a better communication; BE SELFLESS + COMMON SENSE

In short, be aware that you are indeed “together” and then learn to simply give respect (LOVE) to others as much or as equal as you respect (LOVE) yourself.

Start from your Self.

Along this is done, you may able to increasingly realize – how your behavior can be affected and may also affect the attitude of others towards yourself – particularly in the life of pairwise, where it takes two people who are equally pleased to see how to live a life in a way that is consistent and complementary in balance without any necessity and confrontation – for both. All problems that becomes challenges are faced with a sincere and simplified mindset, without hassle, without cumbersome and is resolved immediately.

 “You have to be able to be who you are, and if your current self happens to be not very positive at the moment… then that person should be the one who helps you see things in a better way”.

To simplify the explanation above, LOVEINBALANCE summarize it into these practical self-reminders:

  • Be selfless with common sense (train your empathy)
  • There’s no need to rush and start in a relationship too early, you are more obliged to mature-up yourself – first!
  • 70% commitment need to be given from each person yet always put extra into it
  • Good Communication is vital, it is important to being able to talk about your problems
  • There is no such thing as “I don’t have time”, you always “have time” for your loved ones
  • If people want to be in the relationships, they stop being selfish about it
  • If the word “I deserve this and that” still occurs, then probably the current relationship is not the best for you. Then again, take notice what made you think you need to “give and take” in the first place?
  • Be compassionate and always consider each other’s feelings in order for the relationships to function properly
  • Resolve your challenges, resolve it as immediate as you both can

Please consider these reminders and as you start to become more of a good listener, you also able to convey what you truly mean to your partner in a more sincere and better way.

Stay blessed in a simple soulful love,

– DB & EA –

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